Returning to work after lockdown

10 June 2020

How to safely get your organisation up and running again after lockdown

Getting your organisation up and running again after lockdown will be a priority for you. However, you will want to do this in a way that makes sure everyone is as safe as possible. Deciding how best to do this to fit with your own circumstances is key.
You will have to do everything that is reasonably practicable given the risk presented. There may be a lot to think about initially. You will need to identify workable precautions and make sure these are taken. In nearly all cases, further precautions will be necessary. This will include social distancing, protecting those most vulnerable, maintaining good levels of hygiene and so on.

COVID secure: making a start

You will probably have arrangements and precautions already in place to keep all those who work at, visit or use your premises safe. You will need to review these before reopening. 

Things you may want to consider include:

  • deciding if you are able to re-open your premises and if staff are able to travel to them
  • working with those you may have appointed to help you review your arrangements and precautions
  • reviewing your risk assessments if you need to complete these to identify any additional precautions you need to take
  • consulting with your staff on managing the risk from COVID-19 and any precautions to be taken
  • making every reasonable effort for staff to work from home whilst ensuring their safety
  • protecting those who are clinically vulnerable (or cocooning someone who is) or extremely vulnerable and self-isolating
  • implementing adequate precautions in-line with the Return to Work Safely Protocol or other trusted sources
  • checking that your first-aid arrangements and facilities are adequate
  • providing any necessary training or information for staff to make sure they know how to work safely

checking periodically that your precautions remain effective and adequate.

COVID secure: premises

Before opening your premises, you may want to inspect them to make sure they are safe. You will probably want to clean them and make any adaptations necessary. Whatever the case, you will need to make sure that your staff know about any changes and the additional precautions to be taken before they start work.
In starting up any equipment you should make sure that this is done safely following any necessary procedures. You should also make sure that any statutory inspections of equipment are up to date or appropriate action taken.   
You may also want to review any business continuity plans you have in place. You may be able to develop contingencies further to deal with any shutdown and start-up events in the future.

COVID secure: keeping up-to-date

As we learn more about the virus and its control, official guidance is frequently changing. You will want to keep up-to-date as it does, to make sure the precautions you have taken continue to protect people.

Want to know more?

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