Our Story

For over 130 years, we‘ve provided specialist insurance, expert risk management and knowledge, and unparalleled, award-winning service to our clients and partners.

Originally founded in 1887 as the Ecclesiastical Buildings Fire Office to protect Anglican churches and church buildings against the risk of fire, the name Ecclesiastical has stayed with us as we’ve grown.

Today we help care for what truly matters to people across a broad range of sectors, including faith, culture, heritage, education and real estate in the UK, Ireland and Canada. 

We’re now one of the largest British-owned insurers, as well as one the most trusted when it comes to complex and specialist risk.

Our Group

We’re part of the Ecclesiastical Group, a family of like-minded companies that span specialist insurance, investment management, advisory and brokerage businesses.
Every company in our Group has been recognised for their award-winning expertise and exceptional levels of service, and they are all united by a single culture and shared desire to make a positive difference on the lives of their customers and the communities they serve.

Our mission

We believe in making a positive impact on the world and, thanks to our unique corporate structure and charitable ownership, we are able to directly contribute to improving society through our Movement for Good initiative.

As well as the support we give to community groups, charities and faith organisations, we also give 100% of our dispersible profits to good causes, either through our own donations or via grants from our owner, Allchurches Trust.